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Liaoning zizhu group is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in steel smelting, rolling, steel production, steel deep processing, international import and export trade, high-tech research and development, basic engineering, high-end equipment manufacturing, financial leasing and other businesses.

With: anshan Zizhu the third steel rolling co., LTD., anshan zizhu steel international trade co., LTD., anshan zizhu science and technology co., LTD., Liaoning Zizhu High-Tech Equipment Co., LTD., anshan zizhu rail transportation equipment co., LTD., anshan zizhu heavy special steel co., LTD haicheng county heng ShengZhu industry co., LTD. Anshan zizhu material co., LTD. Designed and developed by liaoning zizhu hi-tech co., LTD and so on more than a dozen large and medium-sized enterprises in Harbin Shanghai, guangzhou, wuhan and other places set up 8 branches, and in the United States in the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and other overseas countries established five wholly owned subsidiary.

At present, the development of the company consists of five parts, namely, the steel smelting plate, the steel rolling plate, the steel deep processing plate, the international trade plate, the financial leasing plate, the high-tech research and development plate and the fine end equipment manufacturing plate.



Rolled steel and steel processing mainly rail steel sheet pile of various special steel rolling and deep processing is given priority to, and in the process of production to the high technology content, rolling products, it is difficult as known as the king of rail groove type rail low-speed maglev rail in Asia the first European standard Z type steel sheet pile, high voltage towers with hot rolling Angle steel hot rolled U T rib etc. Products are widely used in railway transport and lifting suspension high-end mechanical basis of urban rail transit project construction machinery ship bridge tower sea drilling platform, etc The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world, and rail accessories have been exported to dozens of high-end markets in Australia, the United States, Germany and other countries.


Group international trading company has been in a good momentum of development, in order to the nuggets overseas, the company established a global network information platform, the first time the enterprise product information to all over the world, has been with several overseas, such as the Netherlands Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong is a wholly owned subsidiary, and in the local rental warehouse form spot sales overseas,becoming a veritable “world rail and steel sheet pile supermarket”.


In order to extend the market space of hot-rolled steel sheet pile products, the Group established Liaoning Zizhu High-Tech Equipment Co., LTD., which is mainly engaged in design, leasing and construction. The operation network covers the whole country, realizes the warehouse layout no more than 500 kilometers, and realizes the advantage of the resource sharing logistics chain. The company has now developed into the largest national chain leasing enterprise in China, and successfully succeeded on August 1, 2014. The new three board landed and became the first new three board listing company in Anshan City. With the maturity of steel sheet pile construction technology, in addition to construction in the domestic market, the company has also participated in the construction of several national-level large-scale projects such as the Shenzhong Channel Project and the Bohai Sewage Treatment Project. With the advancement of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, the company has expanded its construction business to overseas markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia.


The Group has established high-tech design and development, engineering equipment manufacturing and other companies. While providing technical support and services for the manufacturing of the Group's branches, it has been involved in high-tech, sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies. At present, the company independently develops and manufactures a multi-functional hydraulic pile driver, which is mainly used in the fields of steel sheet pile water-stop cofferdam, river bank protection, port terminal, railway line, narrow space operation and various municipal engineering foundation pit support. The machine has the characteristics of environmental protection, construction safety, wide applicability and high quality technology. At present, the pile machine has more than 30 patents.

The company has always been taking the steel manufacturing industry as the leading industry, continuously expanding the industrial structure and regional strategic market chain with the production of steel rails as the leading factor, and expanding the market space in many fields such as railway fittings, steel sheet piles and basic engineering. The company's products are now distributed throughout the country and exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Exports earned nearly 400 million US dollars.