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Corporate logo

●LOGO is a combination of two capital letters Z (the first letter spelled by Zizhu) and the earth background formed by the warp.

●Red in LOGO stands for integrity, passion, prosperity... It means the development trend of the enterprise “Enthusiastic expectation, create brilliant”.

●The two words Z abstraction in LOGO constitute the "mutual" character in Chinese characters, which represents the development concept of "cooperative development, harmonious and win-win".

●The two letters Z in LOGO surround the earth formed by warp, which shows the vision of international development for enterprises to “develop by scale, seek efficiency by speed, and survive by innovation”.


Group values


Entrepreneurial spirit: self-improvement, industry to serve the country

Enterprise wishes: create a first-class enterprise, create first-class talents, make first-class contributions   

Corporate values: fair and faithful, grateful


Management philosophy: people-oriented, detail wins

Business philosophy: to develop by scale, to benefit by speed, to survive by innovation  

Service concept: customer first, satisfaction as the standard

Training concept: Make employees better and make the company more outstanding