High-tech Research And Development And Precision Equipment Manufacturing
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The Group has established high-tech design and development, engineering equipment manufacturing and other companies. While providing technical support and services for the manufacturing of the Group's branches, it has been involved in high-tech, sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies. At present, the company independently develops and manufactures a multi-functional hydraulic pile driver, which is mainly used in the fields of steel sheet pile water-stop cofferdam, river bank protection, port terminal, railway line, narrow space operation and various municipal engineering foundation pit support. The machine has the characteristics of environmental protection, construction safety, wide applicability and high quality technology. At present, the pile machine has more than 30 patents.

The company has always been taking the steel manufacturing industry as the leading industry, continuously expanding the industrial structure and regional strategic market chain with the production of steel rails as the leading factor, and expanding the market space in many fields such as railway fittings, steel sheet piles and basic engineering. The company's products are now distributed throughout the country and exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Exports earned nearly 400 million US dollars.

Anshan Zizhu Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Zizhu Pile Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and integration. The company has a large number of senior engineers, engineers and other professional scientific research personnel. Now, we have successfully developed a variety of professional pile-driving machines such as hydraulic vibratory hammers, hydraulic impact hammers, static pressure pile drivers, and multi-purpose crawler pile drivers. At the same time, we have improved various pile foundation construction methods and obtained dozens of items. The patent has filled the domestic gap. In 2017, the company grasped the pulse of the market and successfully developed a new environmentally-friendly intelligent three-dimensional parking garage based on the advantages of construction methods. This new type of garage is small in size, easy to disassemble, mobile, easy to access, safe and reliable, and has perfect services. Since its successful development, it has won many national invention patents and extensive social attention.

Anshan Zizhu Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will continue to seek breakthroughs, courage to try, bold innovation, and build a world-class high-precision equipment production base. We will serve you with exquisite technology, high-quality products and first-class reputation!