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In order to extend the market space of hot-rolled steel sheet pile products, the Group established Liaoning Zizhu Pile Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in design, leasing and construction. The operation network covers the whole country, realizes the warehouse layout no more than 500 kilometers, and realizes the advantage of the resource sharing logistics chain. The company has now developed into the largest national chain leasing enterprise in China, and successfully succeeded on August 1, 2014. The new three board landed and became the first new three board listing company in Anshan City. With the maturity of steel sheet pile construction technology, in addition to construction in the domestic market, the company has also participated in the construction of several national-level large-scale projects such as the Shenzhong Channel Project and the Bohai Sewage Treatment Project. With the advancement of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, the company has expanded its construction business to overseas markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

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US Savannah River Project