Rolling And Deep Processing Of Steel
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Rolled steel and steel processing mainly by rail, steel sheet pile, all kinds of deformed steel rolling and deep processing is given priority to, and in the process of production to the high technology content, rolling products, it is difficult as known as the "king" in the rail groove type rails, in low speed maglev rail, oubiao z-type steel sheet pile, Asia the first, special high voltage towers with hot rolling Angle steel, hot rolled U T rib, etc. Products are widely used in railway transport, lifting and suspension machinery, urban rail transit, basic engineering, high-end engineering machinery, ships, Bridges, power towers, offshore drilling platforms and other fields. Products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world, and rail accessories have been exported to dozens of high-end markets in Australia, the United States, Germany and other countries.

Third rolling steel

Technical steel

Rail transport

Heavy Steel

Light Rail

Lifting rail

Heavy rail

Groove rail

Magnetic suspension rail

U-shaped steel sheet pile

Z-shaped steel sheet pile

Hot rolled angle steel

Steel pillow

Fish plate

Overlay board

Hot rolled U rib